Healthcare service provider

Bitvae has been immersed in the domain of healthcare for numerous years, possessing a wealth of experience in electronic data collection, product marketing, brand promotion, and more. It offers specialized healthcare management consultancy, wellness services, information aggregation and processing, vendor supervision, fostering technological advancement in the realm of healthcare for medical institutions and related industries.

Brand service

It is the intangible asset of enterprise with economic value. Bitvae has been committed to tailor-made efficient and accurate integrated marketing broadcast strategy and execution for customers.Bitvae provides brand data research for our customers through comprehensive service and deployment of company team professionals. Communication strategy formulation and other creative plans.

Business planning

Bitvae has an excellent planning team. According to customers’ market needs and market conditions, from planning to execution, we use advertising, activities, promotion, news and other means to effectively achieve customers’ expected goals.

Advertising agency

Bitvae agents a variety of types of advertising resources, in the execution of advertising, we choose the appropriate advertising carrier according to the customer’s brand needs, combined with deep creative advertising techniques, the brand information extensive and profound to the public.

Ad serving

Bitvae has high-quality professional advertising division, we according to the wide range of the Internet, the characteristics of the platform, analyze the needs of customers, combined with market information accurate delivery, save costs at the same time to attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers have consumption desire, promote the transaction.