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Bitvae Teeth Whitening Strips for Sensitive Teeth, 18 Treatments


• Remove 10 Years of Tough Teeth Stains in just 30 minutes. Wear teeth whitening strips 30 minutes daily for a week or more. Results are visible in just a few days. Our teeth whitening kit can remove 10 years of tough stains from coffee, wine, and nicotine. Includes 14 Dead Sea Salt Whitening Strips and 4 Bonus Express Whitening Strips. A color card is also included to help you record changes in your tooth shade. Brightening your pearly whites has never been easier.
• Natural Whitening Strips for Teeth Sensitive. These innovative natural teeth whitening strips contain added Dead Sea salt which has remineralizing properties to strengthen enamel and works miracles for your oral health like reducing bleeding gums and removing stains. Combining safe ingredients and gentle features, non toxic whitening strips are the cherry-pick for your sensitive teeth.
• Advanced Leading Adhesion and Sealing Technology. These white teeth strips feature amazing grip and advanced adhesion design that allows whitening to penetrate deep into teeth without discomfort. You may carry on with your normal activities like watching TV, taking shower and even drinking water while wearing dental whitening strip.
• Easy to Use and Clean Peel Off . An innovative formula makes Bitvae white strips for teeth whitening easy to peel off and they leave no residue after treatment. Skip the extra step of rinsing teeth after use and save more time than when using other brands. So that you can conveniently store them anywhere and use white strips for sensitive teeth whenever you need to achieve a brighter smile.
• Let you smile brightly on important occasions. Using our whitening teeth strips before a date, friends gatherings or important meetings, can fast whiten your teeth and make you more confident to bloom your bright smile. Mint flavored whitener strips not only whiten your teeth, but also provide a fresh feeling in your mouth.

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Mint, Coconut, Watermelon

Bitvae Teeth Whitening Strips for Sensitive Teeth, 18 Treatments
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